Need a gaming computer for $700 or less

Hi, I'm looking into buying a new gaming computer. I cannot build a computer, nor am I open to learning how, and I do not know anybody who could build one for me.

I would love help on finding a good computer inside of my $700 budget. Of the places I asked, someone recommended the iBUYPOWER Gamer Extreme LAN580, which I wasn't too sure about looking at the reviews, and the Acer Aspire AS5755G-6841.

I'm not very informed on specifications of computers, and what makes a good gaming cpu, which is why I need your help.
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  1. You'll get a more powerful computer if you build it yourself. If you go prebuilt, you're already looking at a $50-100 dip in your budget for labor and what not. Let's see what I can do for ya though. I'll give you a list of parts that equal out to around 700 and then I'll try and find a prebuilt pc for 700.

    If you build one yourself...

    If the budget is a problem, the easiest way to knock it down a bit more is to switch the graphics card out with a radeon hd 6870 or a 6950.

    If you buy a prebuilt pc, you're gonna be looking at a much weaker system...something like these 3 systems:

    The difference between those systems and the parts I picked out?...The GPUs I've recommended are considerably more powerful than the prebuilt systems.
    Out of those pre-built systems however, I'd recommend you go with one of the first two links. The main difference is the second one has a bit more powerful processor, but it also comes in with a bit bigger price tag. The first two systems also have a stronger GPU out of the 3.
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