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i wanna upgrade my cpu for that i need motherboard i want an gaming micro atx motherboard so that i can overclock my gpu msi cyclone hd 6850 without any problem and also i want to overclock my amd phenom ii x 4 965be to 4.0ghz so suggest me an good cpu overclocking motherboard also. :bounce:

thanks to everyone.:)
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  1. why do you want MICRO atx?
  2. Wait.. you want to upgrade your CPU to what exactly? As I understand it, you're saying you already own a 965BE?
    And yeah, why do you need a micro ATX board? Are you limited by the size of your case or is there another reason?
  3. yes i have 9.6x9.6 mobo size supported only on my case and for cpu that seems pretty good and in my budget.:)
  4. is the m5a88-m evo good one to get?
  5. haha! it's highly depend on your cpu the better cpu, the good overclocking.
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    well m5a88-m evo is the best one on micro atx boards line up get it it get more features and good overclocking ability.:)
  7. thanks sunnk
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    btw good luck and welcome.:)
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