I5 3570k or 8350

So im upgrading my PC,

And i need a good processor that can handle a lot.
Im stuck between the i5 3570k and 8350
I know the 8350 isn't as good as the i5 but it is cheaper.
Im willing to pay the price for the i5 but the question is, Is it worth it?
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  1. 1) Anything too cheap will preform below expectation.
    2) Anything extremely expensive will perform explendid but you could get almost the same for half the price.
    3) Performs well,price is well suited for the performance it gives,doesnt cost a fortune.

    the I5-3570k is an 3).
    the 8350 is 1).
    the i7's are 2).

    Simple version i5-3570k has the better performance : price ratio.

    If you are not OCing the CPU drop out of the 'k' series,they are not worth it on stock.
  2. Alright.

    And the i5 comes already oc'd to 4.4Ghz from where im getting it from!

    Thanks for the help.
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