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i earlier had a 8400 gs and today itself i installed gigabyte radeon oc7750
earlier in high setting in super strret fighter4 ae i got 26 fps and now i am getting 221 fps :ouch: :ouch:

but i have pci e 2.0 and this card allows pci e 3.0 if i have a mobo compatible with pci e 3.0 will the fps increase
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  1. no, using the pci-e 3.0 will not improve your FPS, however pci-e 2.0 is backward compatible to pci-e 3.0.
  3. no the difference between pcie 2.0 and 3.0 is not that much going for pcie 3.0 doesnt worth it stay with pcie 2.0 all pcie is compatible with each other.:)

    Base Clock Speed: PCIe 3.0 = 8.0GHz, PCIe 2.0= 5.0GHz, PCIe 1.1= 2.5GHz
    Data Rate (per lane & per direction): PCIe 3.0 = 1000MB/s, PCIe 2.0= 500MB/s, PCIe 1.1= 250MB/s
    Total Bandwidth (x16 link): PCIe 3.0 = 32GB/s, PCIe 2.0= 16GB/s, PCIe 1.1= 8GB/s
    Data Transfer Rate: PCIe 3.0 = 8.0GT/s, PCIe 2.0= 5.0GT/s, PCIe 1.1= 2.5GT/s
  4. only brandwidth.
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    here is the camparison.

  6. in single card both pcie 2.0 and 3.0 are close in performance but when it come to sli or cf then you will see the performance increase but for now i will say you to stay with that mobo.:)
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