PSU Smoking and GFX Card not working now

Yesterday my 500w powersupply started smoking up so I went out and bought a Thermaltake Lightpower 700w powersupply. After I finished rewiring my computer I noticed my graphics card wasn't working on my computer so I changed my input from HDMI to VGA to use the integrated graphics card.

I'm not sure what caused the original 500w powersupply to smoke up and why my graphics card doesn't work anymore. I'm unsure whether the graphics card isn't working because i've made a mistake in wiring the connection from my PSU to motherboard or if the PSU killed it.

Yesterday I also received a USB Wireless Receiver for Xbox which I plugged in the top USB slots I never use, could this be a reason for the PSU faulting? Sometimes when I plug in a USB device the metal surrounding the slots spark up a little which is why I mentioned the USB wireless receiver.

Below are the specifications of my system:

AMD Phenom X4 955 Black Edition 3.2ghz
Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H
Kingston 2x4GB Ram 1333mhz
(New PSU) Thermaltake Lightpower 700w - (Old PSU) 500w
Sapphire Radeon HD6850 1GB GDDR5 Firmware flashed to HD6870


Thanks for your help in advance.
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  1. I would like to know what brand PSU that 500w one was because that could have something to do with the problem?

    That usb port was it on the front panel of your case or the back of the mother board?

    The main thing I would be a assuming would be maybe a short circuit occurred for a while or the transformer in the PSU was unstable and over volted your GPU.

    But yeah more information would help.

    As for the video card it might be repairable depending if the power supply on it is damage or the processor got damaged. I would take it to your local IT repairers.
  2. Quote:
    Sometimes when I plug in a USB device the metal surrounding the slots spark up a little which is why I mentioned the USB wireless receiver.

    gee, ya think that maybe you ought to fix that before another PSU decides to start smoking again?
  3. Hi there, Thanks for the reply.

    The 500w one is a Excel500WCE. It was the motherboard USB slot but the front panel USB slots of my case also spark if I accidently make the USB come in contact with the metal surrounding the port.

    The GFX is currently at the shop I bought it from and they are going to repair it under warrantee.

    Would you know if a bios flash on a graphics card voids warantee?

    Also it happened about an or two after I plugged the USB device in so i'm not sure whether it was a coincidence or if it actually ruined my PSU and GFX.

  4. flashing a card's BIOS would void the warranty :(

    that isn't exactly a quality type PSU, it may have been the core problem but getting a spark when connecting a usb is . . . troubling . . .
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