Gygabite gtx 560 soc coil whine fix

Is there any way to fix GPU coil whine??
plz help!! :(
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  1. did u damage gpu fan coil whine is your gpu in warranty
  2. My GPU does hav a warranty , and i don't think i've damaged the fan
  3. is there no display shown by your gpu
  4. is fan working
  5. is it too loud? From what I've heard, a way to fix coil whine is to glue it with glue gun to reduce vibration. But don't do it just yet, wait for other users' comments :)
  6. There IS display shown by my GPU, and the coil whine can be heard when playing games, and it can also be heard by the person i'm talking to on skype
  7. I can hear it through my earphones and it gets louder and higher pitched as my fps goes higher
  8. here i got the your problem is this happened with you
    then try to figure out is psu cpu fan or your gpu have coil whine
    if makes coil whine RMA it
  9. I don't think it comes from any of the others because as i said before it can only be heard when playing 3D games.
    So should i just return it?
  10. yes u should return it because your gpu is in warranty dont take any decision to take out the gpu clean it etc just RMA it replace it get new one
  11. OK, thanks for the help.
    Can i ask u just one more question?
    Y could i hear it through my earphones and why could the other person on skype hear it as well?
  12. may be because you just turn up the microphone from which when u chat your noise
    and gpu noise mixed it and other can hear
  13. OK, thank u.
  14. anytime mate
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