GTX 670 Windforce Question

Just got a new Gigabyte 670 card (coming from HD 6950) and noticed it requires a 6 and 8 pin power connector. I have a Corsair TX850 (non modular) and have to use the 6+2 connector as it doesnt have a dedicated 8 pin. My question is, how do i connect the 6+2 together? Which side does the 2 pins connect to? The current 6 pin has a row of yellow cables at top and row of black cables on bottom and the 2 pin is all black. Just need to know if it goes on the left or right as i can connect it together either way but don't want to damage my card.

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  1. It should go in like in the picture below (rather than the 2 pins being on the opposite side of the 6 pin block)

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