Just built Comp, its having some issues, please help

Hey guys,
So I just built a new computer and it worked perfectly a few days ago. I was using a wireless mouse and keyboard and everything was going smoothly. I moved the tower while it was turned on to plug in my wired mouse for gaming. Now the mouse skips a lot and wont make smooth fluid movements. Itll jump like 6 inches on my screen. It isnt the mouse because it worked perfectly on my laptop. Also another issue. Last night my computer kept attempting to connect to the wifi (i have pci netword card) when it was working perfectly before.

Ignoring wall of text: Mouse skips 5-6 inches when moving it and comp wont connect to internet anymore.
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  1. try uninstalling the mouse driver and reinstalling it
  2. didnt work, anyone else know whats wrong?
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