Xfx radeon 6770 stopped working after 3 days

Hello, The card was working for about 3-4 days (40 gaming hours) then it stopped showing a display when the computer boots up, took the card out and integrated graphics works

My pc is an emachine et1331g with stocks parts
dual athlon 235e 2.7 ghz
6 gb ram
700 gig hd
windows 7

added: Antec earthwatts EA-500d 500w continuous psu
added : xfx radeon 6770

tried reinstalling drivers, just randomly doesnt work anymore after 3 days of gaming.. and ive left my case open with a fan blowin in to prevent overheating so its not that either

When the pc boots up it does show the big "E" for emachine then it starts loading windows thats when the display dissapears after its finished "starting windows" poof display gone.
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  1. may be your gpu overheated due to 40 hrs gaming some xfx gpu are overheated then
    go RMA it sure it will replace it with new one
  2. not really looking to replace it if its just gonna crap out again in 3 days, but i will demand a refund.. like i said the case was left open with a box fan blowing in , cant really see how it would have overheated. And it didnt mess up while gaming. I turned my pc off last night , turned it back on this morning and it doesnt work.

    Edit: also i dont think the card is messed up because the heat sink fan is blowing like normal
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    make sure while when u purchasing an hardware make sure it have company seal or package will not torn because most of dealer now selling open box gpu i also suffered
    from it but u still have warranty then RMA it
  4. got from newegg box seemed unopened everything seemed to look brand new.. sucks. im not gonna wait a week either this is my only chance to game nonstop..until i will be busy and unable to play.. such bs
  5. just replace it to service center don t do anything unless u will damage the gpu
  6. I will send it back for a full refund if it doesnt work. But its possible its an SOFTWARE issue I am trying system restore
  7. no system restore just uninstall old drivers and install onboard gpu driver mobo cd/dvd
  8. Have you tried booting Windows into Safe Mode? That should give you an idea if it is a corrupt driver issue.

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  10. sending the card back for full refund its dead. Got a diff card instead
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