Should I go with an AMD Fx-8150 or Intel Core i7-2700K

I'm building a gaming desktop for the first time and these processors are the ones that are currently interest me. I don't mind about the prices as both the processors are under $400 and I was wondering which one would be better?

I have an 7850 graphics card also.
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  1. Since money is a non-issue? i7 hands down. You could also go with the i7-3770k since it's also below $400 on Amazon at the moment

    Although to be clear for gaming the i5-3570k is the sweet spot for a gaming cpu as the i7 won't drive up performance enough to justify the price.
  2. Yes get the 3770k instead. You will get PCI-e 3.0 support and it will also support higher ram speeds
  3. If money is no object go for the 3770K, but with a 7850 you not going to notice the difference between it and an FX-8320 in most games, which also supports DRR3 1866. (don't go for the FX-8150) the new FX-83## chips are much better.

    PS; PCIe-3 is and will be completely useless for some years to come.
  4. For gaming, you don't need either one, just get a 3570K.
  5. The 3770K is the superior processor, well... the price difference should tell you that.. But as DJ pointed out, strictly for gaming, the i5 is powerful enough. The only feature the i7 has the i5 doesn't is HyperThreading, no game uses it, and no game likely will.

    With the money you save going with the i5-3570K you can also get a better video card than a 7850, thats where you want the power at for a gaming system..
  6. As everyone else said the I7 is the better processor but is overkill for gaming. You are paying extra money for more cache and hyperthreading two things games don't make use of. An I5 3570K is more than enough for gaming.
  7. Get the 3570 instead. I have it, and it is amazing. oced to 4.0ghz with no damn effort and idling @ 29C easily.
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