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Hello, I want to do a case mod.

I have seen cases that have 12 or 10 or 9 x 5.25 inch bays but I do not want those cases, I want to build/custom make my own.

Is there a place where I can buy just the 5.25 inch bays and stack them together, or where I could buy just the bays in the configuration I require? I need 12 5.25
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  1. I'm wondering if you actualy mean 3.5" bays for hard drives , because the 5.25 drive bays are usually for dvd drives and fan bay controllers. This is a stackable 3.5" bay that comes in 4 bay units.

    This company put out a unique case and the design is wsimilar to what you want in that the cases are seperate and there is a seperate hard drive section piece , so if you can find out more about the company and if they sell the seperate pieces you could buy the hard drive part.
  2. No, I meant what I typed. 5.25 drive bays. Can you delete your post so as not to confuse others coming here.

    Thank you.
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