PC black screens and reboots during gaming

Alright, so here's my rig:

I7 920 stock clocked at 2.67Ghz cooled with Hydro H60
EVGA GTX 570 stock clocked (air cooled)
6GB Mushkin Redline DDR3 10600
1000w Ultra X3 PSU
Asus P6X58D Mobo

My temps in HWMonitor for my CPU on all 4 cores never break 45C and my temps for my GPU during gaming never breaks 52C. I've done stress tests on both my CPU and Memory and they passed with flying colors. I'm about to run my GPU through a FurMark stress test, but as I do that I'm curious as to what the community thinks the culprit could be. I want to say my GPU, but unless it's dying (all these parts sans the GPU are 2 years old. the GPU is about 4 months old) I can't imagine it being the reason for this annoying issue.

I've never have these issues outside of gaming, and even in some games it does't happen. I've uninstalled and reinstalled my drivers, updated every driver I can think of on my system and it still happens (frequently in diablo III).
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  1. Ran my GPU through the gauntlet with FurMark and had no issues there. Possible that the 296.10 drivers for Nvidia are causing the issue? What do the folks reading this think?
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