Diablo 3 vid card options

Hi all..I am not PC savvy and need a hand.

My PC is low end but plays ok. But as i got into Nightmare mode i realize i need to upgrade my vidcard..I will post my specs

Acer Aspire Ax3400G-U4802

Windows 7 64bit

4 GIG DDR3 ram

AMD Athlon II X2 255 ( processor )

1 TB hard Drive

Nvidia GeForce 9200 (Integrated )..and i know its bad =(

So i cant seem to figure out my best option for upgradeing the video card because its like a mini PC............Someone plz help
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  1. What is the form factor of your case? Is it like a slim computer or a regular size?

    Regular size is on the right:
  2. From the pic u posted it hard to tell..Ide have to say its inbetween the two middle sizes but closer to the larger of the two.
  3. In that case, you probably have a slimline computer, which means you need a low-profile graphics card.

    This is one of the fastest low-profile cards out there:
  4. And this card will not bottle neck my PC ?

    In the end all i realy want is to be able to play Diablo 3 without haveing 10 fps
  5. No, it should pair nicely with that processor, and you don't need a power supply upgrade either, because the card has a low power rating.
  6. Man thank u soo much for ur fast reply..Truely
  7. Actually, if I may, you might need to upgrade your power supply, as I just looked it was only rated at 220W. Sorry for the change of heart, but I had assumed it was higher rated. You may have issues with it there.

    The 6570 (like a step below) should run in there much better, as it has a lower power threshold. My cousin had one and was playing Diablo 3 just fine on it.

    Its also cheaper.
  8. I hope I caught you before you bought something, truly my bad for not looking more closely.

    If you have already bought the card though, you might be able to do a few things, like underclocking the graphics card so that it uses less power.
  9. Awsome man i will be getting it in a few more days once pay comes in ty again
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