Good GPU for gaming at 1024x768 resolution

Hello, i want to be able to play all new games on 1024x768 resolution at high/medium settings.I m thinking of something like Sapphire HD 6670 1gb ddr5,is that a good choice? The other option i considered is the APU, the A8 3850, I read in reviews that when it is overclocked and paired with 1866MHz ram, it can be quite capable for low res gaming.

If i go with the discrete GPU, my CPU will probably be something like Celeron G530 (as i m on an extremely tight budget).
I will OC as much as posible.
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  1. Are you building a new computer? If so, the G530 and the 6670 DDR5 would be a very solid choice. I have a G530 paired up with my GTS250, and I must say for $50, it is one of the best processors I have ever bought. Though the G530 does not overclock well, its still very quick for the price.
  2. Maybe i should get HD 6570 ddr3 and better CPU like athlon II x3 455 and OC the hell out of them.I heard that on low resolutions games become CPU bound.

    The X3 455 is the faster option, but I personally would rather have a discrete card. Either way though on that monitor the 6670 is going to be able to play everything there is I'm pretty sure.

    What games do you plan on playing?
  4. Skyrim, Witcher 2,Kingdoms of Amalur:Reckoning and plently of older RTS games (warcraft 3, starcraft,age of mythology,aoe2,Civ5,...) and some old school RPG games.
  5. go for hd 6670 its better then hd 6570 and also will do better in games.:)
  6. anything from Nvidia 8000 series and up.
    and the AMD equivalents.
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