Intel i5 + GPU VS i7 without GPU for HD vid, gaming, music production

edit: This solves most everything
games playable with with built-in Intel HD4000/25000 graphics:

HD video play/editing depends on CPU more than GPU.
DAW music production software benchmarks:

"Those are PassMark benchmark scores. PassMark is a benchmarking software which runs the CPU through many stress tests like
read/write operations, math calculations, and graphics processing. People who run PassMark can submit the score they got with
their processor so those charts are showing the average submitted scores for each processor. I wouldn't read into the overclocked processor charts much because they include mild overclocks as well as extreme overclocks, and there's no way to know how overclocked the processor was when it got the given score. If you really want to see specific scores, you can click a processor from the list and it will show the last 5 submitted scores along with information like RAM, measured speed, hard drive, graphics card, etc."
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  1. Well, i think an i5 will do well in everything you ask from it. As much as they say you can play games and stuff with an integrated GPU, that is only true for a very few new games. And playability is relative. Some people can feel comfortable with 25-30 FPS and some require 50-60+ FPS. I don't think you can get the full experience with a HD4000. Perhaps you would be "ok" with Counter Strike but what will the detail level be and what other games can you play with a HD4000 without shedding your hair? A HD4000 would still be slower than the cheapest external GPU you can buy in the market today. Though, an i7 is not a completely dead investment. If you plan to do more content creation stuff (ie video/sound editing) in the future, you can invest in a i7 now AND upgrade your GPU after some time, when you really need to play more "demanding" games. But you must first decide what you will use your computer more for? More for gaming or more for content creation/trans-coding. Because a decent i5 (3570k) will still cost 80 to 100$ less than a i7 3770k. You could go with a i5 3570k and get a decent GPU. You could also do with a Sandy Bridge i7 (2600k). It is also a nice i7 from the previous generation, a little slower than the IB i7s and consumes some more power but it is almost equally good in performance
  2. Ahhh yea true i'm sorry i missed that your question is related to mobile, sorry i was talking about desktop parts
  3. solved. thanks for helping
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