Front fans not working, but LEDs that come on them are

I recently built a system using an Antec 300 illusion case and an Asrock z77 extreme 4 motherboard. The fans in the back are functioning, but the ones in the front aren't, even though I plugged their 3 pin connector into the mobo and the LEDs attached to the fans come on. Any suggestions?
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  1. dumb question but I gotta ask!!! Did you try plugging them into different fan headers on the motherboard??? Are the fan headers on the motherboard 3 or 4 pin? If 4 pin make sure you have them on the right 3 pins. But if they're lighting up there's a GOOD possibility that the fan motors are bad.
  2. They're both 3 pin connectors on the motherboard and both of the cables are also 3 pins. Wouldn't it be a pretty unlikely coincidence if both the motors on the front were broken while the LEDs and all the other fans still work?
  3. Yes, That's why I suggested plugging them into the other connectors from the fans that are working. And while you're trying them out you might as well go ahead and plug in the fans that are working into the headers that the front fans are currently connected to to check the fan header plugs.
  4. Just plugged the cable of one of the fans that was working into one of the headers where I had put the cable from the ones that weren't working, but it still works.
  5. And if you tried the bad fans in the other headers and they still didn't work then they must be bad??? So much for unlikely coincidences
  6. I tried that too but the cable wouldn't reach far enough. I guess I could try removing one of the fans and moving it closer?
  7. Is it possible this would work if I connected it to the PSU with a 3 pin/molex adapter? I read elsewhere on the web that their front fans were for molex while the back ones were 3 pin, though all of mine came as 3 pin.
  8. It wouldn't hurt to try. If it already has the adapters on it I'd give it a shot.
  9. Problem is, it doesn't have those adapters. It was a pretty far fetched theory anyway, honestly, since the LEDs are already working. I'm starting to lean towards the broken motors but it still seems like too bizarre a coincidence.
  10. It's not a bizarre a coincidence, It's your computer telling you it wants bigger and better fans lol
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