Need some help on deciding what I should add to destop please.

Thinking about getting this tomorrow morning for black friday.


Or this one... can't decide.

First off, do you think this is a good price for the money?

I also need help filling in the bubbles to see what I should add and what I don't really need.

Thanks if someone has time to help me....

Also if you know anything better I could get for black Friday for around 500-700 please advise.

(Hopefully I didn't place it into the wrong topic.. )
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  1. At the top click on load my configuration and put 1EMC6G into it. This setup should be good for you. It has $90 worth of rebates which leaves you $22 over budget but you could sell the free games or something if you wanted. Or you could downgrade to a 7770.
  2. For which link?

    Edit: Oh okay got it thanks. :)

    Should I not spend like the 13 dollars to overclock it?
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