Not sure which upgrades i need

Like I said in the title, I'm not sure which upgrades I need for my computer. I'm including specs for my pc to help.

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  1. Need to be a bit more specific, what are you trying to do with the upgrades? You want to increase gaming performance?
  2. We need more than just your CPU spec and what you want your machine to do.
  3. I'm trying to make my computer play any game with the best FPS and graphic interface. Right now she can only play low quality games because she freezes up too much. I need to know which parts I need to change out to make her more gaming performance worthy
  4. Well do you know the actual motherboard model you have? I would suggest upgrading to at least a Phenom and getting a new video card. What is your current video card?
  5. All I know about the motherboard that it's made By Asus model Narra. But my graphics is a ATI Radeon X1650 Series. But it's meant for HD monitors but I have adapters for the old bulky monitors.
  6. Hi there download Hwmonitor and tell me what it says where the underline is under my picture:


    Edit: there are several other programs that can tell you the motherboard model but err bit lazy atm. Could give Speecy a try.

    Edit 2 : Wait you said narra, is this the motherboard?
  7. The link to the motherboard is my motherboard. it has intergrated video, 8 way HD audio, and a Dual Core AMD 64 X2 4200+ Live CPU.
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    Exactly the same? There are a few Narra boards.

    There is also this Narra board:

    Either way if the first one is your board I would say you need to buy a new motherboard, all the CPUs for that motherboard are very hard to find and you have a limited selection.
  9. Thanks for the advice.
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  11. Don't you want any help with selecting a new motherboard and CPU? Kind of chose the best answer a bit too quick :lol:
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