PSU's Current?

I'm currently using an Arrow 500W - 220V PSU.
So at (norms) its power is 500W.

Yah, now my question is:
When my PSU working at normal (not peak), it's current won't go up to 2.273A, Isn't it? (U=P/I=500/220 =~2.27272727273(A). )

Or can I ask that it's actual power when the computer is idle (My Computer is G850 2.9, Seagate 160, DDR3 1G and DH61WW without Graphics Card) is less than 500W, right?

Plz answer, and thanks 4 reply!
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    No it won't use 500W at idle.
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  3. So the current won't go up to 2.273A yet.
  4. Indeed.
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