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I have a laptop (which I love and use daily) and I just built my kids a computer to play their games on.

The laptop is a Dell Inspiron 8600 and the Desktop is Homebuilt. I installed 3DMark06 on both machines and ran a comparison. For some reason, I'm not sure why, the Laptop is out performing what should be a superior Desktop.

Yes I built the Desktop out of spare parts (MSI MS-6540 mobo), but come-on.... they both use the same video card, the Desktop is discrete with higher clocks and AGP 8x, and the Laptop is integrated with lower clocks and AGP 4x. Same video memory (128MB). Both machines have updated drivers, and BIOS. I compared the CPU's and again, the desktop should be out performing the laptop. (According to the CPU score, it does anyway,)



What is going on???? Seriously, Everything about the Desktop is higher performance.
P4@3.0 vs PM@1.8
DDR400 vs DDR 333
800 FSB vs 400
8x AGP vs 4x
400/300 GPU clocks vs 340/240
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  1. All I see are the GPU-Z stats, (manufacturers numbers not performance stats) and that they are indeed as you say, almost identical. I don't see any performance stats from the 3Dmark06 scores anywhere, Unless I'm missing them? And I would venture to say that the video scores will probably come out close also since 3Dmark mostly evaluates the video cards and not much of the cpu and memory.
  2. the processors are way different
  3. Define "processors" are you referring to the CPU's or GPU's? I already posted the P4 should be, and apprently is outperforming the PM. My issue lies where a higher spec'd discete GPU is delivering sub-par performance.
  4. Gotcha, the cpu scores look better on the kids computer for the most part. the sm2 score is what blows it out of the water for the laptop. Have you run multiple tests at different resolutions to get a comparison? I wish the detailed results actually had the info filled out for us to see instead of the blank NA. It does look like they are similar in performance. How old are the desktop parts? They might have degraded in performance. And by numbers it looks like higher performance parts like the processor you actually see the difference on those sheets. But to check the memory performance use a memory performance tester like maxmem2 (here - The cards check out the same and you see the difference on cpu scores so memories the only other then to test one against the other.
  5. With the GPU having higher clocks and an AGP8x interface, along with a faster CPU, bus, and Memory, I would expect to see the P4 edge out the laptop. However this is clearly not the case. The parts are essentially the same age. The Laptop has seen more hours of use though. The P4 parts have been in the closet for a few years.
  6. The problem with 3D mark scores is that they don't usually take memory amount or speeds into account. While the cpu is almost twice as fast, I believe that you'll find that the difference in FSB is not what you think. The difference in 400 and 800MHz isn't really compared like that. While the laptop is 400MHz, you'll find that the desktop is also only 400MHz. The difference is that the desktop cpu is 1 core and 1 thread. Which means it has a multiplyer of 2, one for each bus. So, you have 400MHz X 2(multiplyer) which gives you the 800MHz. Try the maxmemm and see what the scores are for that.

  7. And for kicks.... my PDC
  8. I like the addition - I was wondering about that one when I saw your sig at the bottom of the posts. Looks like both the memory and the cpu runs to expectations. And since the video cards are the same with little difference here and there I guess the performance is what it should be? Looks like it to me. Are you convinced?

    Did you overclock your memory and see what kind of difference it makes in memmaxx. You'll be surprised.
  9. Not really convinced. Yes the CPU and Memory run right, but the Video Performs lower on the P4 Hence a very modeest 259 with 3DMark06. The PM score is 330.
  10. suteck said:
    I like the addition - I was wondering about that one when I saw your sig at the bottom of the posts.

    Her's the 3DMark06 score for it too. If you're curious.
  11. I've toyed with a few settings, but I barely break 270. The Laptop however is over 330 every time. Strqaaaaange.
  12. The desktop is still running @270, The Laptop, using the same settings, is now over 360.
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