First computer, need confirmation

alright, been looking for a gaming computer for a long time. decided to build my own for the first time.

purchase date: somewhere in the next few months

for gaming

i have a monitor but plan to buy a new one

somewhere between $300-$500

maybe overclock depends probably not

Im from the u.s.

also looking for amd products but changes are possible

please help me confirm that all the parts are compatible, or possible better options, also maybe some advice for a first timer





im also building inside of a relic dell metal case, that i already own.
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  1. In order for us to better help ya:
    Also - do u happen to be near a Microcenter?
  2. not that i know of
  3. id get a i3 2120 CPU, p8h61-le/csm motherboard, gskill ripjaws x 8gb kit, a 6870 from xfx (154.99 after rebates) and you should get a seasonic m12II 520w psu. the old case psu s dont have enough power to power on the new components
  4. some of this stuff i cant really seem to find that stuff on newegg, and where do those specs stand in comparison with the ones i picked out cause i seen a dramatic price drop.
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    assuming you already have windows....

    the i3 will beat fx pretty much anyday in games but you lose overclocking and the ability to use 1.65v ram (you shouldnt be getting those anyways)
  6. yes ok as far as play a game, say skyrim, how many frames per second and graphics quality do you estimate
  7. high or ultra with around 50 fps i think. i dont play skyrim but the game isnt too demanding compared to BF3
  8. ok cool, one more question do i need the optical cd drive if i already currently have a cd drive in my dell or is it neccessary
  9. if the data connectors are the same. if it uses IDE cables (the cables that look like a belt), it wont work. new ones come with a sata connector.
  10. ok i believe they are IDE, is there anything else i will absolutely need in order to make the computer run, also can i just use the shell case or will i have to buy a whole new one?
  11. well then get a new dvd drive. theres a asus one at newegg i think that is 16.99

    you wont really need much other than to discharge the static electricity before you touch the components. to do so, just touch the metal parts of the case.

    if you would like a new case, there are several cheap ones like a antec 302 or a rosewell challenger that have great build quality and features like USB3. older cases tend to use smaller fans that are really hard to find nowadays. in my dads old system he had those 80mm and 92mm fans. new cases come with 120mm fans which are quieter and move a bit more air
  12. alright, and this build will be stable correct because im looking for this to be long term, because i was origionally looking at asus motherboard but i heard they had problems.
  13. actually, asus is pretty dam reliable.
  14. also if i am to want upgrades in the future how much possibility would i have?
  15. none. almost every slot is maxed out. if you want upgradablity, id get a bigger board like a gigabyte z77-dh3
  16. ok, but this will last me for awhile as far as 'top of the line' games right.
  17. you will play BF3 at ultra with 50+fps on 1080p
  18. alright sounds good thank you very much.
  19. your welcome
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