Need help with my first gaming computer

I will be using this for bf3 cod video editing recording and rendering.

CPU- i5 2500k

Mobo- asrock z68 extreme3 gen3

Memory- G. SKILL Ripjaws 8gb

GPU- HIS ice x 6870 1gb

Case- HAF 912

PSU- corsair enthusiast series tx750

HDD- 2.5" 5400rpm HDD

What FPS Will I get In BF3 and MW3? What size psu will I need I dont know if this one is right? Any changes?
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  1. For BF3 it ranges from 58-30 FPS depending on your resolution and quality you put the settings at. For MW3 about 81 FPS, not too much lower depending on your settings and resolution.

    Also a quality 500 watt PSU will be perfect for this setup.
    Like this one:
    Either than that everything is fine!
  2. The reason I got a 750w was so i could xfire later will that work for that? Is the BF3 benchmark in campaign and if so is that different then multiplayer?
  3. Is the GPU I picked good?
  4. The gpu you picked is a good one, xfiring it will make it better. The fps will differ but not by much. You may have to go down a few notches on your setting to get above playable fps (30). I personally like to go with 40+. Yes, the 750 watt psu in your case is fine. By the wy if you have money right now or 2 6870s get a single better card. I know you said you'd get it later, but I'm just saying. Good pick in card, good luck!
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