Building New Computer but I need help

As stated in the title of this thread, I am currently planning to build a gaming computer. There is one problem; I need to check if each part is compatible with each other.
If there is a way to check (instead of googling each part and seeing if each one is compatible) please do tell. Also, this is my first time building a computer from scratch.

I prefer to buy my parts manually instead of by mail but my local computer parts store ( ) has a weird shopping cart so the parts are listed here:






Graphics Card:



DVD Drive:

Processor Heatsink:

Total: $1,089.45

I obviously know that my processor, graphics card, and mother board are compatible but I'm not so sure if they are compatible with the rest of the parts. Also, if you have any suggestions on making my computer better, or just know that one of these parts are not compatible or not good, say a replacement from the website that is above.
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  1. On a scale of 1-10









    DVD drive-doesnt matter

    Heatsink-5 do this

    I would chnge the hdd,cpu cooler and gpu I would get a 1tb hdd, If you can get a 7850 then do,get the heatsink I put if it i out of yor budget change the 1tb and call it good.
  2. Like I said in the thread starter, please look up suggestions in the website above ( ) I do not trust a truck with a expensive build D:
    Also, GTX 480 > HD 7850 Price and performance wise.

    This good?
  3. What does dollar per dollar mean? (New to this) and uneducated statement:
    But the 480 is cheaper (at microcenter) and performs better
    Also, is there a good CPU cooler that you can find on the website?
    Also, also, does the power supply fit in my Inspiron 530? (so I don't have to buy extra things I don't need)
  4. Bang for buck

    No the gtx 480 performs similar but it cosmes more power it is HOT and it is 2 generatons ago.

    CPU cooler get a cooler master hyper 212 evo

    the psu should fit if you had one in there before put the new one in it's place.
  5. 2fast4thetown_down said:

    the psu should fit if you had one in there before put the new one in it's place.

    It has a stock psu in it currently
  6. They are all the same size. :P
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