Did my power supply went bad plss help asap !!!!

pls i need help since i do not have a voltage meter i want to know if my power supply went bad on cpuz my voltage is going crazy up n down they get real low like 0.92 to 1.42 n i notice that some of the led cooling fan look a little darker or this could be sofware issues plss help how can i tell or test it
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  1. That would be the CPU throttling down and up as it is supposed to do based on load.
  2. ^+1

    The Cpu uses voltages as it sees fit.If you are in IDLE the cpu will need low voltage but if you run prime 95 and stress it to 100% the voltage used will jump.Even at 100% it is not uncommon to see slight changes.There is even and option in bios to control how much power the cpu can change to,as in,reduce or broaden the offset of the cpu voltage,allowing the cpu to get even lower voltage use when it is idle.

    Your PSU is fine.
  3. plus my cpu down clocks too n sometimes it freeze during start up screen n i never had this issue before so i am stuck do not know if psu or motherboard plss help
  4. in bios i put the voltage to manual n raise the cpu voltage control one notch i ran prime95 small fft test n so far so good let see what happens because it was freezing after boot up while windows 7 was loading
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