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Hey Guys,

I Built (had a friend do it, but think i would be able to do on my own) a PC about 5 years ago now, and upgraded the motherboard, CPU and Ram when they all failed about 2 years or more ago.

Current set up is:

Intel i5-760 @2.80Ghz
XFX 8800GT Alpha Dog
OCZ Gamer X Stream 700W PSU
Gigabyte H55M-S2 Motherboard
Corsair XMS3 4GB Ram (2x2)
NZXT Lexa Blackline Case
HannsG HQ191D 19" 4:3 LCD TFT Monitor, Black, 1280x1024, 5ms, DVI as current monitor

The PC doesnt appear to be running too bad at the moment, but obviously wont be powerful enough to play any of the latest games. I was looking at upgrading the graphics card and maybe adding an SSD drive, but with the Mobo having the older socket i dont know whether its better to just start fresh.


That is a set up that i was looking at.

I was looking to start upgrading/Buying new withing the next couple of weeks, with a budget of around £750-900. PC will be used primarily for gaming, possibly movies too and then surfing the web too. Id ideally like to reuse as much as possible, and try to Overclock CPU and Run SLI/Crossfire if possibly and worth while doing.
Ideally I would go Intel, as it appears to be the best/cheaspest, not really bothered about noise too much, i will need a new OS as mine is only 32 bit :(
Hopefully ive not spammed too much or missed anything out

Based in Stockport UK

Cheers in advance guys!
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  1. An i5-2500K/i5-3570K with a 1155 mobo would be good. However, what games do you plan on playing, what settings, what res., etc.
  2. Well I have only played WOW, left 4 dead and half life really. But I'd like to try Crysis, far cry 3 and some of the newer Total War titles. Ideally would play them on at least high, if not highest settings. I think I may need a monitor upgrade in the fire then too, but I feel that can wait until I have the better hardware in place.
  3. With your budget, a GTX 670 would be a very good upgrade, but make sure your PSU has enough PCIE connectors.
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