Antec TPQ-850 with crossfire?

Just purchased new parts from newegg to build my first computer! I have an Antec TPQ-850 that I bought a year+ ago.

I Bought the AMD FX-8150 8 Core CPU and 32gb of RAM...
I also bought XFX Core Edition FX-785A-CNJC Radeon HD 7850.
I was interested in Crossfire, however I was not sure if this PSU that I already have will handle everything. I found some stuff online about how much power ONE card uses... although the one I found was an OC version. I'm kind of lost, I have no idea what they were talking about in the article because this is the first computer that I am building.

Do you think I will be ok? Or should I upgrade PSU?

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    you have enough power to run four AMD 7850 before you even need to start thinking about power issues. a single HD 7850 uses 110w at gaming and 130w at stress. the rest of your system (without the video cards) would be in 200w neighborhood so with two HD 7850 you would only be pushing your PSU around 50% during gaming

  2. Oh wow, I could do 4 of them? Haha.

    Well thanks a lot ct1615!

    I was getting a little confused about how the wattage worked out..

    Thanks again!
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