I5 3570k or amd fx 6300?

I'm building an £400 computer.
I've already got
*key board and mouse
*hard drive.
shall I...
spend more on the motherboardd and other components and buy an amd fx 6300, or spend less on a motherboard and components but buy an i5 3570k

Also the graphic card is not in this £400 budget.

which ones shall i get??
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  1. I'm in the same boat as you....
    trying to decide between a 6300 with an asrock extreme3 970 or a i5 3570 and a cheapo MB...
  2. Are going to sli/CF or overclock?
  3. you should be asking AMD FX-8350 or 3570k. they are closer in price and performance. What do you plan on using the pc for? if you plan on gaming go with the intel if not flip a coin. The Amd fx-8150 is not a bad alternative either.
  4. Yeah, the FX-8350 is closer to the performance of the i5-3570k.
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