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How will this build preform?

I will be using this for bf3 cod video editing recording and rendering.

CPU- i5 2500k

Mobo- asrock z68 extreme3 gen3

Memory- G. SKILL Ripjaws 8gb

GPU- HIS ice x 6870 1gb

Case- HAF 912

PSU- corsair enthusiast series tx750 (so I can crossfire later)

HDD- 2.5" 5400rpm HDD

What FPS Will I get In BF3 and MW3? What size psu will I need I dont know if this one is right? Any changes?
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  1. Not o hot get a 6870 to xfire and it will have good fps on ultra :P. oc if you have a cpu cooler to 4.5.
  2. Will the HDD I have be very slow? should I get a AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition and use the money I save to speed things up with a SSD?
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    NO!!!! keep the 2500k get a ssd later the 2500k vs. phenom is a bigger difference than the hdd vs. ssd perspectve. Keep the 2500k and maybe get 7200 rpm hdd.
  4. ok whats more important gaming or video work....
    to be honest its pretty rubbish for the latter but average for a gamer (until overclocked)
    also confused as to why you have a laptop hard drive in the build?
  5. I have the HDD already and so I am using it
  6. Okay then then keep it and get the 2500k.
  7. ok what size SSD should I get for the OS, BF3, and adobe premiere pro and maybe more?
  8. 120gb
  9. A Good brand? I was thinking of a crucial m4.
  10. corsair is a really good brand it is what I am getting
  11. crucial m4 vs. corsair the crucial has better reviews.
  12. corsair gets my vote. :P
  13. samsung 830 FTW!
  14. Umm. arent those like really expensive can you post a link I think me and op want to know more about them.
  15. i have an intel 330 but im hearing good things about the samsungs
  16. Yah the samsung 830 is a bit to much
  17. I would do a corsir force 3 120 will not regret it.
  18. can you link your corsair one?
  19. from what ive read on other forums avoid ocz ssd's (an crucial are better than corsair lol)
  20. what fps will I get on one 6870? what is the best 6870 for around the same price as the one I have?
  21. i still agree with another poster.. dont blow money on an ssd which is a gimmick when you can throw it at a much better gpu
  22. Fine fps on high (aroud 60) if you want ultra get a second 6870

    As for which one sapphire like this one
  23. skaggy said:
    i still agree with another poster.. dont blow money on an ssd which is a gimmick when you can throw it at a much better gpu

    If you choose to do this get a gtx 480 or a 6950.
  24. is this better that the HIS ice x?
  25. Yeah in my opinion
  26. What makes it better?
  27. Brand is better imo both are good cards and they perform equally. Which you can find cheaper go with that one :P
  28. If ocing get the xfx(2fans)

    If not his x

    if price is an problem sapphire.
  29. I will go with the xfx because it has two fans and a lifetime warranty.
    oh yah and free shipping
  30. Cool I need to go any last questions?
  31. nope thanks
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