Small, quiet Gaming/HTPC


Core i5-2500
Twin Frozr AMD 6870 (dual-slot+)
mitx mobo
Full size Power Supply

Used for: heavy gaming, movie night, transcoding

Need room for a large quiet CPU cooler and the largish video card. No storage or optical needed (other than small SSD).

Also needs good airflow, since PSU and CPU are both quiet, low-speed fans.

I've been using an old Antec Solo and I love it, but I'd like something that looks better in my entertainment stack, either in an HTPC form factor, or a smallish mITX case.
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  1. Hi :)

    You are kidding about the size right ?

    You want twin slots presumably for future twin cards... and a small way...wont fit and too much heat...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Twin slots are just for the large, quiet GPU cooler.

    Not kidding. I'm hoping that someone has figured out that if we don't need optical or HDD, you can make room for a big CPU and GPU cooler in a small space.
  3. get this then

    -64gb SSDs are not worth it
    -ivy bridge puts out less heat = easier to run passive
    -included the best heatsink. can run passive
    -silent case included
    -7870 included. a 7850 would do the job as well. still better than a 6870 in terms of heat
    -power supply is silent from what i experience. im a silence freak as well
    -case fans are also silent. take out top hard drive bay for better airflow

    after these adjustments, things should run a lot cooler and quieter
    the define mini is bigger than most itx cases but it is more silent than other itx cases
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