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what is the best graphics card that will fit on a p7p55d EVO motherboard?.

i currently am running the 9800GT but want/need to move up to direct X 11. my CPU is i5 750 and i have a 450(?) power supply.
I would love a list of interchangeable parts but that isn't going to happen. i have looked at upgrading my CPU to accommodate my needs but it is not cost effective for me.
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  1. Your only Limiting factor would be your psu and how much space you have for the card. I would think a 7770 or maybe a 7850 would work depending on the quality of your psu. The 7770 would be a decent upgrade.

    Here's a list of how much power draw different cards have.

    If you could afford to upgrade your psu even to this it would help a lot.
  2. Tell us the psu manufacturer & model #. NOT ALL PSUs are created equal
  3. dish_moose said:
    Tell us the psu manufacturer & model #. NOT ALL PSUs are created equal

    i wish i knew, i just opened the case to see but sadly there is no label on it that i can see whithout removing it from its place. it is grey with no markings on it. i asked the guy who built it and he thought it was 480 watt standard? but it was built 2 years ago

    update. been combing the web and found this is identical to mine (Antec BP550 Plus 550W Continuous Power ATX12V V2.2 80 PLUS Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply)
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