GTX 680 and Virtu MVP stutter?

I finally got my GTX 680 in the mail (yay!) and runs like a dream. Decided to benchmark it with 3dmark 11 and got a 9803 (which I believe is average). Then I ran it with virtu MVP and my score went up to 12580. But visually it looked like crap!! Wasn't smooth at all, and was super choppy, would that be considered micro-stutter? I've read that some people are experienced micro-stutter when enabling virtu MVP. The framerates showed higher, the score was higher but, it looked like crap... Wondering if the adaptive v-sync on the card and the virtual v-sync with virtu MVP are working against each other? Wondering what is going on. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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  1. Micro-stutter is usually the term applied to the stutter caused by Crossfire or SLI setups.,15670.html

    Virtu MVP:
    Virtu MVP (with your monitor plugged into the motherboard) causes some games to be faster, but others to be slower so you should try this for several different games. The review I saw said Virtu MVP was promising but decided that overall for most gamers it was best to turn OFF and plug the monitor into the dedicated graphics card.

    It's also uncertain how much difference future Virtua drivers will make so you may need to test this every few months (of course NVidia will be optimizing their drivers too).
  2. Cool cool thanks!
  3. I thought I would let you all know that I have spend the past few days trying to figure out why my brand new 670 was having stuttering issues! It was driving me crazy! No one had any good suggestions! I tried everything BUT the simplest solution. After reading this post, I turned Virtu off and I am not stutter free! :D Thanks for inadvertently helping me.
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