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Computer halts and freezes during gaming

I've been having this issue for a while now. During gaming (starcraft 2, diablo 3, skyrim, flash games) my computer stops with a high pitch noise from my speaker resulting me to reset the system. I've researched all over but I can't seem to come to a resolve. I've re-installed the video car driver many times but with same issues. Could someone point me to the right direction? Here are my specs...

i5-2500k 3.30 ghz
Antec Earthwatt 650
G.Skill DDR3 1600


Hardware monitor Nuvoton NCT6776
Voltage 0 1.18 Volts [0x93] (CPU VCORE)
Voltage 1 1.02 Volts [0x7F] (VIN1)
Voltage 2 3.38 Volts [0xD3] (AVCC)
Voltage 3 3.36 Volts [0xD2] (3VCC)
Voltage 4 1.02 Volts [0x80] (VIN4)
Voltage 6 0.82 Volts [0x66] (VIN6)
Temperature 0 27°C (80°F) [0x1B] (SYSTIN)
Temperature 1 60°C (140°F) [0x188] (CPUTIN)
Temperature 2 36°C (96°F) [0x48] (AUXTIN)
Temperature 3 40°C (104°F) [0x28] (TMPIN3)
Fan 1 1332 RPM [0x534] (CPUFANIN)
Fan 3 2721 RPM [0xAA1] (AUXFANIN1)

Hardware monitor NVIDIA NVAPI
Voltage 0 0.88 Volts [0x36B] (VIN0)
Temperature 0 30°C (86°F) [0x1E] (TMPIN0)
Fan 0 1620 RPM [0x654] (FANIN0)
Fan PWM 0 40 pc [0x28] (FANPWMIN0)
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    Is Windows and all your games up to date? How about your BIOS? However, don't flash a new BIOS until you tell us more about your system.
  2. I had a similar problem once and ended up with a dead mem stick and gpu.
    Use memtest86+ so test your ram,with some luck is just a busted stick.
  3. everything is up to date. I ran memtest without any errors.

    RE: BIOS

    my version is 1502 but looking on ASUS site, latest BIOS is 3207. Do you recommend a BIOS update?
  4. Yes. However, do NOT update it through Windows. Update it from the BIOS.
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  6. Thanks! Updating the BIOS fixed it.
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