Gainward GTX 670 or Phantom edition?

Hi guys do any of you know if paying £35 extra for the Gainward GTX 670 Phantom is worth it or could i get the regular Gainward GTX 670 and overclock it to the same levels?

P.S could someone help me find some GTX 670 GPU's for under £340 if either of them are not worth it please?
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  1. Whats' your total system specs including monitor resolution?
    Link the 2 cards please.
  2. Ok, any reference design card should be excluded which is the first Gainward and the last MSI, reference designed cards run a bit hotter than non reference ones.

    Palit is not a famous brand of GPUs, though reviews say nothing wrong about it but you can choose between the Gainward Phantom and Gigabyte Windforce x3.

    Personally i prefer the Gigabyte, it comes with a superior cooler and it's factory overclocked, has a custom PCB that allows for more overclocking.
    Gigabyte cards are reliable brands there's nothing wrong about them, just you might find the card noisy by 2-3db than any other card due to the 3 fans included in the cooler, but it's the best performer and will be quiet when you OC it further.
  3. Ahh ok thank you, well the gigabyte has good reviews and is cheaper so i dont see why i shouldnt get that especialy if you can OC it alot and its very cool like you have said. I dont mind if its a bit noisy i wouldnt notice it while gaming anyway lol thank you for the help =)
  4. Anytime...GL with your purchase.
  5. ilysaml said:
    Anytime...GL with your purchase.

    1 Last question before i buy the gigabyte windforce x3, is it better or worse than the KFA2 GTX 670 EX OC GPU?
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