I7 3930k vs I7 3770k

Hi I am wondering which one you would choose out of these two? I will be doing lots of photoshop, editing, drawing, graphic design and some 3d design and animation along with some games... Is the 200+ difference in price justified by the 12 cores instead of 8? Would it really help my system that much more to have the i7 3930k than the other one? I am on a budget so I would really like to know... The the motherboard also becomes cheaper so I would save a lot of money... So which one? Thanks!
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  1. Just to clarify, the 3930K has 6 cores, and 12 threads, while the 3770K has 4 cores and 8 threads.
    Well, I've seen plenty of comparisons between these two, and the 3930 does show the extra horsepower but I don't think that justifies the price point. If I were you I'd really think about the difference in performance and the size of the hole left in your wallet. The 3770K is pretty overkill for any game out there, let alone the 3930K, but I haven't had any real experience with them, though judging by the fact that Photoshop doesn't really benefit from extra cores, the 3770K should be only ~10% behind the monsterous 3930K.
  2. hafijur said:
    I would buy the i7 3770k anyday of the weak. Intel selling old gen 32nm cpu's with 6c 12t just increases power consumption of sandy bridge. Either way Ivy bridge take less power and perform slightly worse with 4c 8t as the 3770k is fast and once oc'd the 3770k could easily beat the 3930k while taking considerbaly less electricity then the i7 3930k.

    Hah, I like how every answer I've seen from you involves the power consumption. It matters, but it should NOT be a selling point IMO :)
  3. Check to see how your graphics software utilizes cores. A lot of software is not optimized for 12 threads. I have a 3570k on my gaming rig but a 3930k on a work rig with no graphics card. I set up several JAVA threads which run in parallel, before one final thread integrates the calculations from the other threads. For that type of processing, you will really benefit from having all of the cores and threads of the 3930k.
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