Why won't those 7.5 and 8 ns memory modules work??

Hello guys!

I have an ASUS P2B98-XV mother board with a Celeron 300A processor. This mobo uses the Intel 440BX chipset and supports PC100 memory. I have 2 memory modules: both are 32MB and 10ns, but one is PC66 and the other is PC100.

In order to test, before buying, I borrowed one 64MB PC100 8ns module and one 64MB PC100 7.5ns module from my brother. I have tested them separately on my computer, and none of them works! The power-on self-test runs fine, and the computer boots, but it behaves strangely: e.g., it complains that the anti-virus files are corrupted. When I switch back to my memory modules, the strange behavior vanishes.

So I have some questions about this:

1) Why don't my brother's modules work?
2) Must I buy 10ns PC100 modules, in spite of 7.5 or 8ns?
3) If I upgrade my processor to a faster one, like a Pentium II 450MHz or a Pentium III 500MHz will I be able to use PC100 8ns modules?

I thank, in advance, any atempt to help me!!!
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  1. Either your brother has crappy memory or something is set wrong in BIOS. I recommend Crucial Cas2 PC133.

    Video killed my Radio Card!
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