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Hey guys,
So i just finished building my first computer in 8-9 years or so. I was quite excited that my computer booted first time i turned it on but my excitement was soon overwhelmed with defeat.

Let me start by linking my computers specs.

I downloaded windows 7 from my schools msdn website I have the key and everything. I then burned it to a dvd.

After booting from my dvd drive the loading bar continues and finishes. The 4 colorful balls float around then come together and my computer gets stuck.

Now It's very important to note that I was able to get past this screen after restarting my computer 4 times and I was successfully able to load continue on to installing windows only to get stuck in the same screen while booting from my ssd.

Then I thought this issue could've been caused by using my SSD. So I unplugged it and repeated the same process using my seagate HD same thing happened. When I try starting it in safemode the computer continues on to loading windows but I get prompted to restart it in normal mode so that the installation can continue.

This has kind of upset me since I took work to be able to build my dream machine only to get stuck troubleshooting.

I've read some similar threads on your forums but it seems like the problems they were having were slightly different. If there is anyway you guys can offer help or help me get through this issue it would be great.

EDIT: Issue has been resolved refer to my post on 2/3/2012 for how i fixed this issue
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  1. How about an MD5 or SHA checksum verification on the downloaded image? Can you read back all the files from the DVD properly? Maybe create a flash drive installer, and give it a go with that?
    I know, these are unlikely suspects, but you have to start somewhere...
  2. I will try this but due to the fact that I burned 2 different CD's and tried it on both and witnessed the same thing I'm concerned that this might not be the issue. What I will try is to update the BIOS and try installing it through a USB
  3. Hi :)

    As you can afford a new machine including an SSD , how about you BUY a LEGAL operating system....Yours IS illegal....

    All the best Brett :)
  4. Brett928S2 said:
    Hi :)

    As you can afford a new machine including an SSD , how about you BUY a LEGAL operating system....Yours IS illegal....

    All the best Brett :)

    Thanks for wasting our time. It's not illegal at all it's given by the school's msdn website which I've paid for through tuition and it's incouraged to burn the ISO that I legally downloaded through it's network and was provided with a legidimate key once I downloaded it.

    Anyway I fixed the issue. I updated the BIOS and disabled everything else on the motherboard like the audio connectors , LAN card and all USB ports and It worked no problem.
  5. I want to update as I might be able to help someone else in this thread. I tried various different things but the thing that worked was updating the mobo BIOS through USB and after that I went in the BIOS menu and disabled every extra component such as the LAN card , USB/ audio ports, and anything else. This fixed the issue for me completely.

    After installing windows I re-enabled everything and no issues yet.

    I want to also point out that I'm not sure exactly what fixed this issue It could've been just the updated bios or disabling the other peripherals or both.

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