How do other video cards match up?

Right now this is pretty much complete conversation and not what I will be buying in the near future, so bear with me.
I built a fairly mediocre PC around 6 months ago, and I look to do a rebuild in roughly 6 months from now. This is really a curiosity thing about AMD's new 7000 series cards against the 6000 series.

I currently own a 6850 and it runs pretty much everything I throw at it nicely at 1080P.
The one game I have a few low frame rate issues is Minecraft. No it isn't vanilla Minecraft, but Minecraft with high res textures and Sonic Ether's shaders. It looks like this:

Anyways, I hear the 7850 is supposed to be a great card that essentially wipes the floor of the 6850, but I seem to be missing something. I have my 6850 OCed to 900 Core and 4500Mhz Ram. How much faster is the 7850 compared to the 6850?
In benchmarks I am really not seeing a huge lead over the 6850 (barely any in some)
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  1. The 7850 sits in between the 6950 and 6970. Totally different tier than the 6850. Model numbers are really only relevant comparison for the same generation. I believe you think 7850 replaces 6850 but it's not like that. It actually replaces the 6950 which is why it costs ~$260 where the 6950 initially was at.
  2. 7850 is equal to 560 Ti 448, it will still mop your 6850 900Mhz and it can overclock to 1050Mhz without issues.
  3. Minecraft takes a lot off your CPU so if you are running a weak CPU, that could be a problem.

    Btw, wicked mods.
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