Cyber Monday I'll be ordering my build but I'm torn. Should i get a Pentium G860 (65$) and an HD 7770 and get an i5 sometime next year or get a Pentium G2120 for 88$ or and i3 2120 for (99$) and an hd 7750.
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  1. IMO, the first option will be better. However, in both the cases, it'll be your GPU which will bottleneck in games, rather than your CPU. Still, G860 + HD 7770 is a more balanced configuration.
  2. The 7770 will be good enough for medium settings with the i5 but 7750 and i3 wont do in battlefield 3
    Wait for the i5 and keep the G850 money for a better gpu
  3. Ok thanks! I'll order the G860 and the 7770 and just get an i5 or something next year. Thanks guys!
  4. Dont get the pentium, phenom II965 BE listed one tier above the Pentium G2120 In the Hierarchy chart,in addition it is much more faster for multitasking. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gaming-cpu-review-overclock,3106-5.html
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