NVIDIA demos on ATi Cards??

Ever since my neighbor showed me the "Froggy" demo, I have wanted it. So recently i downloaded it, but when i try to run the program, a popup message says "Cant find GL extension "GL_NV_fragment_program2" " and then another popup: "Cant find GL extension "GL_NV_vertex_program3" " and then another: "Froggy Demo: Could not initialize transform feedback extension. Please use compatible hardware and/or up to date drivers". :heink:

I have an XFX ATI Radeon HD6670 with 1GB of video memory and 800MHz clock rate, connecting to my monitor with an HDMI cable.

I REALLY would like to play this game but i dont know how to get past this. Is their any way to play this demo on my card?
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  1. Nvidia demo software is optimised to run with Nvidia cards and drivers to show off things like Physx and other technology's they produce. So no the demos from Nvidia do not work on AMD cards.
  2. Oh poo! :??: Thank you for the response though. One more question now that you mentioned it: does the Physx capabilities or processors or whatever come on NVIDIA video cards, or do i have to buy a separate Physx card?
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