I3 vs A8 5600K

Hey guys ,,,

So lets get to it straight...

i3 3220 vs A8 5600K

Both will be paired with GTX 650 ti , I know it sounds useless to have a APU and a discrete gpu but they cost the same and i like the APU because of the 4 cores vs 2
So what should I choose ( APU mobo is cheapest )
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  1. Well, on one side you're looking at superior performance from the I3 in most games and Apps, on the other side you're looking at a quadcore. Really depends on what you need, but If I was you, I'd go for the I3 because of it's lower power consumption and better x86 performance.
  2. I will only be using for gaming (not enthusiast) but would like to play latest games
  3. i3 for sure. Just see some benchmarks, and you'll find out that an i3 beats the APU in nearly all games. And, with a much lower power consumption.
    However, if you want a quad-core of somewhat i3 match, get the FX 6300.
    It doesn't make sense buying A8 (with strong integrated graphics) and using a discrete GPU.
  4. Here is a comparison:

    I myself would go with the i3, vinaykumar5320 makes a valid point because people generally buy APUs with the intent of not buying discrete video cards. One of the strongest points of an APU is its fairly good for integrated graphics.
  5. Thanks for all the replys, i think i am going to save up some money so that i can buy a cheap Z77 + i5 3570K , but that will be june next year : (
  6. Definitely go with the I3. The I3 is faster as you can see in the benchmarks and there really in no point in getting the APU if you are getting a dedicated graphics card. The main strong point of the APU is it's integrated graphics, if you aren't going to use integrated graphics don't get the APU.
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