Anyone with 815 chip mobo and 512 MB Ram PC133...!

Hi all. I know there is a 512MB limitation when it comes to 815 chip mobos, right? I have 256 now and have ordered another 256MB dimm. But, I think I have heard that there are some problems when you use 2 256 dimms. They say certain mobos can only accept 1 256 and 2 128 dimms. Is this true? I mean, is there any possibility that I would have problems when I will put my other 256 MB dimm, on the mobo? A friend of mine seems to have problems (we have the same mobo - QDI Synactix 2EP 815) ans the same dimms. I think it has to do with the "double sided" dimms and the "single sided"... If I remember well. Please couls someone clear these things up for me? I would appreciate it. Thanx

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  1. I have heard of a problem using double sided memory with the Intel 815 chip set. I suggest you go to the Crucial site to determine what memory will work with your MB.

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