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Hello! I was wondering if i could get some help choosing the right laptop, you see i am going to college this September and i want make sure i make the right choice! These are the ones i have been looking at:

Pros: Solid State Drive <3, Super portable
Cons: Processing Speed, 4gbs of ram might be out of date (i dont really know)


Pros: Large screen, Better Prepossessing Speed, 8gb of ram, better build in graphics
Cons: No SSD D:, might be a little too big.

Ok you guys get more or less what im looking for, i hope you can help me out! Dont be afraid to post other links to what you might think is a better build. Try to stay on Bestbuy since it would be better for my budget (rewards card). But dont feel restricted to go on other sites! Thanks!
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  1. I'd go with the Sony. It has far more storage and speed isn't necessarily essential in a laptop used for mundane tasks such as school work and internet browsing. 4gb or more of RAM is usually the sweet spot for laptops. I'll post some links to a few laptops of choice. Don't particularly need to spend that much on a mere laptop...

    Any of these would be great. I'd stick with trusted companies, at least 4gb of RAM or more, lots of storage, and light weight.
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