Worried something might be wrong with GTX 560 TI

I just recently beat Crysis 2, and decided to go back to the game just to check something, and suddenly I am having loads of graphical issues. The performance is pretty much the same, but I have tons of really bad pop in issues, flickering textures, and textures seem to look worse than I remember. I've watched some videos and didn't see the these issues occur where I seem to get them.

I also seem to have a micro stuttering problem with Metro 2033 that only occurs in DX10 and 11. The game is pretty much unplayable but runs fine in DX9. In DX10 and 11 though, the FPS doesn't drop but the game feels like the FPS is dropping horribly.

I ALSO seem to have a flickering issue with The Witcher 2. It primarily occurs on character models but in almost every video I've watched on youtube it occurs so it might be part of the engine.

I have a EVGA GTX 560 TI, Phenom 2 x4 BE, and 8GB RAM. I am really starting to worry. I've been using the most recent beta drivers and just recently went back to a previous one. Didn't help. I've also uninstalled Metro multiple times and that didn't help. Have yet to reinstall Crysis 2 though. WTF could be causing all of this and what do I do?

Edit: One thing I have never done is do a stress test for my system which I've had for about a year. Could this determine if my hardware is failing and how do I perform a stress test? As much details as possible please.

Here is the video of my problems Crysis 2. Please watch it in 1080p and fullscreen.
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  1. have you tried to uninstall directx and reinstall it??it could be a damaged file. one the to google becuase it not posted is your anti virus and full screen games.sometime you have to use anti virus game mode do that it does not try and run in the background and cause issues. memtest will test your ram for any errors.
    for gpu stress test.
    i would also open your case up and check that all the fans are working. afterburner from msi is also good to use.
    sometime depending on the video card bios or video drivers some video cards the fan will not speed up till the card get hot hot hot..sometime it better to use a game profile and make the fan speed up. when you do the stress test use fanspeed or another program to watch the fan speed. if it not the gpu or the ram then i would look into that the ps voltage output is steady by doing a burn in/stress tests and watching with hardware monitor it another software burn in program people use.
  2. Thanks, I'll eventually try those tests for my hardware.

    As for anti virus, I have Avast which is in gaming/silent mode and Malwarebytes Anti Malware.

    I know all of the fans are working. I use MSI Afterburner when playing games btw and I have the fan speeds set to increase at the right temps. My GPU temps are never that high anyway. I think the highest I've ever seen was maybe 77C but that was a one time thing.

    I looked it up and apparently I can't uninstall Direct X11 because it is a part of Windows 7.

    Edit: I am starting to think my hardware is fine and the problem lies with the games themselves.

    As I've said with The Witcher 2, every video I have watched of the game has had the same type of flickering that I have and in the same places. (Hair, clothing, etc.) It must be part of the engine. No performance issues though, just some weird visual things. FPS is high and consistent.

    With Metro 2033, the game is known to be poorly optimized. And I now know that some people from another forum have encountered the same thing. It could just be poorly optimized and porrly implemented DX10/11 features. DX9 runs fine.

    And with Crysis 2, maybe I just never took the time to notice these issues? Because I have done some research and many people have had issues with the textures and errors in the console log as I do along with many other issues. All of which only started after patch 1.9 was released.
  3. I just looked at CPU Z to verify my GPU clocks, but I don't know if this is correct.

    This is my 560 TI


    The Core Clock is 822mhz. CPU Z shows that correctly.

    The Shader Clock is 1645mhz. CPU Z shows that correctly.

    The Effective Memory Clock is 4000mhz. Well CPU Z and Nvidia Inspector lists my Memory Clock at 2004mhz. Are both effective memory clock and memory clock the same thing? If so why is mine lower than it should be?
  4. Anyone?
  5. Here is the video of my problems Crysis 2. Please watch it in 1080p and fullscreen.

    I have com e to the conclusion that my problems in Metro 2033 and The Witcher 2 are just from the game engine. I also am just starting to think this is a glitch and not hardware problems. DX11 seems to cause problems for many other people too.
  6. Is anybody there???
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