Cpu, Which one?

So for Christmas I'll be getting £125 from my parents to buy a new CPU. At the moment im struggling to choose. What i want from my CPU is.....

-To be £125 or lower :L
- 4 cores or more
-be able to overclock to 4ghz on arctic cooler freezer pro 7
- have under 95w consumption

Ive been looking at the fx 8320 which is very good but the power consumption is too high for my liking but at the same time the i5 2500k/3570k are a little out of my budget
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  1. Yes, I recommend the FX-6300. Overclocks well, has 6 cores, but it uses 125w. If you can overlook that, it's great.
  2. Well if its uses 125W i might aswell just get a fx 8120 or a fx 8320
  3. 6300 is actually 95W.
  4. Ok, my CPU at the moment is 95w i dont want to go over that mark.
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