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I currently have a HP 2000-329WM with the following specs
Memory: 2x4GB DDR3

CPU: AMD Vision E350 dual core 1.6GHz

OS: 1. Windows 7 Home Premium x64
2. Ubuntu 12.04 x64
3. Windows Vista Ultimate x64
Well thats basically all I'm going to say but i'm trying to build a custom p.c. with these specs
Memory: at least 8GB preferably 16GB

Video: Nvidia GeForce 610M

Hard-drive: at least 320GB prefer 500GB SSD

Motherboard: Intel i series with at least 2.6 GHz

Wireless: Realtek Radio Model RTL8188CE

Screen: 15.6 with 1920x1080 (Full HD) Tru-Bright LED with built in webcam and microphone

Body: Something Durable. Supper Protective from drops and Also Scratch resistant

Battery Life: 6-7 Hours
Basically medium quality that supports video making software, OS making software, so fourth in the cheapest amount possible. (ALSO MUST BE COMPLETELY MAC OS X COMPATIBLE)
Give all websites GREAT for this and the cheapest Prices as i will check for compatibility between the devices and find all other stuff. (I AM MAKING A LAPTOP NOT A DESKTOP AND I HAVE little experience in Hardware and internal guts. but a genius in Software related problems. (OPEN TO HARDWARE SUGGESTIONS FOR OPTIMAL PC Experience)
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    There are not a lot of laptop parts web sites and they are very hard to build. I have been building desktops for years but I would never attempt to build a laptop. The last time I needed a laptop for work I went to the Toshiba web site and went through the custom system builder and picked out the parts I wanted nad then ordered it.
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