What is a good graphics card

hello i am wondering what graphics card to buy.

power supply- seasonic x series 650w 80 + gold
MOBO- asus p8p67 deluxe
CPU- intel core i7 2600k
memory- corsair vengence 8gb

if you have any sugestions on what storage to buy, what a good optical drive to buy,
and a good cpu cooler is. this would be much apreciated.
also is this a good setup will this have any problems for regular use and gaming.

Thanks in advande.
(im new)
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  1. My budget is around $500 for the graphics card 1500 for the whole build more or less.
  2. i also was thinking about getting corsair obsidian case
  3. 650D is not cool and 600T is much cooler looking hahaha (it's my opinion). For a $500 budget, you can either get 680, 670 or 7970. They perform pretty similarly and I recommend the 670 because it is the cheapest. But they are mostly out of stock now... Still NVidia has shortages, If you don't mind waiting for the 670 to be at stock go ahead and wait :).

    So I suppose:

    2600K $320, P8P67 $180, Vengeance RAM $50, Seasonic X 650W $130 (actually, is it? not sure), 600T $170, Crucial M4 64GB $80, Samsung Spinpoint 1TB $110, ASUS DVD ROM $20, CM Hyper 212 EVO $35, GTX 670 $400

    That would be around $1500
  4. i was looking at the 7970 is there much difference from the 670. and what is the best manufacturer to get these from thank you very much

  5. NOTE: This is gaming performance, not compute. For compute it's whole different story where 7970 mops the 670.
    Very small difference, that's why I recommend GTX 670. If you are looking for a 7970 these could be great:

  6. cause i want to use this for everyday use but also play games probably an averege of 1-2 hours a day of gameing so i should get 7970 or 670
  7. also are these good video cards for crossfire
  8. Yes 7970 is good to crossfire. Though you may experience bottleneck or PSU insufficiency.
  9. i think im going to get the gtx 680 what is a good manufacturer for them. thanks for your help
  10. Not the 670?
  11. well i was looking at some stats and they were saying the 680 is better. but what is a good brand for me to buy
  12. Yeah as I told before, the 680 is faster but just maximum, 10% faster and $100 more. So it is not worth the increase. The 670 is way a better deal.
  13. ok sounds good what manufacturer is reliable???
  14. What's available for you?
  15. well im not sure what ar good companies i want a reliable companie pretty much. i live in alaska.
  16. I like evga, msi, asus. if you can, get the asus dcII i think it's best for now
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