I7 3770k vs the i5 3570k

Is it worth the extra $100 cost to to pay for the 3770k over the 3570k. I plan on OCing with an aftermarket air cooler. This will be mostly a gaming machine with some video editing thrown in the works.
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  1. Gaming no editing yes so really a question of how much editing you do.
  2. In gaming you won't see any benefit. In every piece of multi-threaded software, you will see quite a bit. The 3770k has more cache too.
  3. Yes the i7 is worth the money but Ivy Bridge sucks for overclocking tbh!
  4. You would see a small performance increase in just about every app, but for lightly threaded apps it isn't worth the extra $100. In heavily threaded applications however, you would notice a huge difference.
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