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Just wired up my new HDTV as a secondary display but I'm having trouble getting games to open directly on to it.

My main question is whether I need to be switch the primary display manually through CCC every time I want to game or whether Windows has some hidden options to handle this somewhere. Similar advice on audio would also be helpful (currently have to manually switch between the computer and TV speakers whenever I switch). I also have a Razor Keyboard with five macro buttons I've never used, so perhaps its possible to assign quick switches to these?

I'm running off AMD HD Radeon 4850 with updated CCC and Windows 7 64-bit. Thanks y'all >_<
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  1. games open full screen on the primary display by default. you can set them to run in windowed mode in which case they'd open on the last monitor opened on.

    Can't imagine why you'd want to game on a TV if you have a monitor but to each his own. holding the windows key and pressing P should let you quickly switch the multi monitor modes. no macros required
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