Watt supply for the GTX 560 And 550 :)

Hey guys, I'm really new to the community and I have a few questions to ask about some graphics cards. I'm pretty short on budget so yeah :P

Question 1 I have a 500W power supply (8 GB ram) 3.4Ghz proc) and I was wondering if the Nvidia Gtx 560 will run on my 500W power supply? I am not willing to overclock anything or purchasing another power supply.
According to the website, (http://www.geforce.com/hardware/desktop-gpus/geforce-gtx-560/specifications)
the minimum number of Watts is 450-500W. My computer runs at 500w[ as mentioned earlier.].

I am just slightly concerned if it has the power to run the 560. Will it be safe? Will my computer like explode if I install it?!?

Question 2. With my 500W power supply, assuming I cannot run the Gtx 560 will my 500w power supply be able to run the Nvidia GTX 550? The minimum is 400W as i am told.

Thank you everyone for your answers :) I hope I'll be able to see all you guys some other time :D
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  1. What is that '500W' PSU?
  2. A "good" 500 watt psu will run a gtx560 with no problem. What brand is yours and how many amps does it put out on the +12volt rail?
  3. Ahh I just found the model, it is called a Widetech 500W Power Supply. Will it be fine?
  4. Update: If absolutely necessary, I may purchase a Shaw 750W Elite PSU Power supply. But only as a LAST RESORT.
  5. hmmm . . . . .it will be just fine please tell me about one thing will you sli it if you are going to sli then not you will need higher end psu but btw your psu and gpu are just fine and will work
  6. Hmm, Probably not Sli for the time being unless I find otherwise. But will the 560 Gtx Work under my 500W Leadtech PSU? Thank you assassin123.
  7. I recommend upgrading your PSU for 550 Ti and 560. And if you do please get from good brands not Shaw 750W or something.
  8. Is there a difference between the ASUS nVidia Gtx 560 and the Nvidia GTX 560? What are the differences?
  9. They are the same GPUs but maybe the cooler is different, different design, etc.
  10. i run a gtx 560 on a 550 watt fatality psu. also run a gtx 560 ti..which is pretty much the same thing
  11. Does this heavily effect performance? And do these have the same Watt REquirement?
  12. safewaypower1 said:
    Hmm, Probably not Sli for the time being unless I find otherwise. But will the 560 Gtx Work under my 500W Leadtech PSU? Thank you assassin123.

    Yes 100% if you want more informative answer than try that website you will find yaself and the be happy

  13. I have never heard of any of those brands. Most likely those are crappy power supplies! Why not a quality Seasonic, XFX, Antec, or Corsair power supply? A Corsair CX430 or Antec HCG 400W will run the card with ease!
  14. Update Version 2: Sorry my bad guys! The PSU I am using 500W Hytec PSU.
  15. i run my n560gtx twin frozr ii comfortably on corsair GS600
  16. The Graphics Card I am hoping to purchase is here : http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ASUS-nVidia-GeForce-GTX-560-1GB-GDDR5-Gaming-Video-Card-/140642771290?pt=AU_Components&hash=item20bef6615a#ht_5662wt_1032 Thats the one I was hoping to get.
    500W Hytec PSU

    Update: The other one I was considering was http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Gigabyte-NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX560-1GB-GDDR5-Video-Card-Durable-HDMI-DVI-D-sub-PCI-E-/260952219086?pt=AU_Components&hash=item3cc1f6ddce#ht_7055wt_907

    Does that one require more Watts because it has two fans?

    -Also, on my first link, how many Watts does the single fan Graphics card need? (The number of Watts is not provided, so i'm asking you guys about it.)
  17. you will NOT be able to use either of those cards. they need TWO 6 pin power connectors and your PSU only has ONE.
  18. http://www.geforce.com/hardware/desktop-gpus/geforce-gtx-560ti
    560 Ti = 450 watts, 150 of which is for the card (so 650 for SLI)

    560 = 500 watts, 170 of which is for the card (so 750 for SLI)

    550 Ti = 400 watts, 110 of which is for the card (so 550 for SLI)
  19. refillable said:
    They are the same GPUs but maybe the cooler is different.

    The cooler as well as the PCB and VRM is likely different for non-reference designs. The Asus 560 Ti DCII TOP for example has a bigger, more efficient cooler, 7 phase VRM (reference has only 4) and digital voltage control.
  20. Clocked higher and draws more power!
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