Thinking it is the PSU again.

I posted a thread awhile ago about a PSU and it seemed to have ironed itself out. PC was running most of the day today, then it went into a screen saver mode and it wouldn't turn back on. I turn the PC On and it goes to post then the screens shuts itself off after 4 seconds or so. It is a new system with a P67 ASrock fatality board, gigabyte gtx 670 couple of hard drives and a cd drive. Only thing that wasn't replaced was the PSU. It's the only thing I can think of left.

If I have time going to go home and grab my old computer. Most of my spare components went under when Sandy flooded my apartment. If I can get my spare to the house I'll know if something is up with the monitor. Brand new ACER, but I'm not thinking that or the vid card.

I know min. for this is a 500 Watt supply. Can anyone recommend a power supply either from newegg or even microcenter I can pick up in store. Included with this could be the ability to support 3 molex connected fans in my case.

If anyone has any other ideas of what could be wrong...I'm all ears.
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  1. Here's one on Newegg with a 5 year warranty:
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